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Owners can reach out to PML for additional planting.

Contact PML
Pedro "Pete" Martinez, Owner

  1. Identify yourself as homeowner with Pebblecreek 55 Villas
  2. Get a quote from PML to approve or reject.
  3. You also must submit an ALC form for approval of the plant installation. The form is on the community website  Please add a comment “this is homeowner expense.”

Reviewing the emails and phone calls, has brought to light that many Homeowners are not aware what our landscaping contract does and, more specifically, does not include. Also, some emails and phone calls have contained rude, threatening and demanding comments. A reminder; we appreciate and welcome input from homeowners, however, the landscaping surrounding the Villas is owned by the HOA, not individual Homeowners.

Unfortunately, it’s our and the Arborists opinion, that they over planted and used trees that were fast growing but not necessarily best for the Villa’s property.

We have a landscaping company not a gardener. The HOA pays $5693/mo for MAINTENANCE of our property including common areas. With 169 properties, that’s $34/mo or $408/yr from each Homeowner’s monthly dues. For that amount, the contract specifies the tasks the landscaper will provide.  They are;

A schedule of tasks (Weather permitting)
A fixed amount of personnel.
Plant trimming
Weed and insect control
A LIMITED amount of tree branch maintenance
Minor irrigation problems
Grass mowing
Arborists advice

It DOES NOT include anything not specifically stated above. Examples are:

Plant or Tree replacement
Storm damage removal
Major tree cutting (Crowning, Clearing)
Irrigation system repairs
And many more

All tasks not included are additional costs to the HOA and require a work order be issued by our management company and the services scheduled. These could include our assigned crew, but are usually performed by other workers. In addition, our assigned crew is specifically told not respond to any direct requests from Homeowners. They are to just perform the duties assigned to them.

Over the past few months, we’ve experienced much damage and expense from the storms. In the month of July alone our additional expense was an unbudgeted amount of $11,000. August was almost the same amount.

Most damage was from downed or broken tree limbs in 55A. Prior to the storms, we proactively had authorized the trimming of the trees since the ones planted by the builder, while fast growers, are very vulnerable to storms. The storms arrived just as we started, making it impossible to complete and prevent the damage we incurred. The effort has been restarted and, weather permitting, will allow us to complete 55A. 55C, while still vulnerable, does not pose AS HIGH a risk since the trees are younger. The storms also upset our maintenance schedule and we are in catchup mode.

We are considering not replacing some downed trees.  No replanting of trees or plants will be done until cooler weather.  When we do, they will be of a more durable variety, but slower growing. Hopefully, it will mitigate future damage costs. Additionally, our irrigation system was down for a week and some species of plants have been infested by insects and caterpillars. They look dead but MAY come back. If they don’t, they will be replaced.  In the meantime, to keep costs down, we will act on requests (not demands or threats) that are absolutely necessary and defer any that can be deferred.

Keep in mind that our management company does not work 24/7. Their office is closed over the weekends and only emergencies are responded outside of working times. They need time to issue a work order and receive scheduling information.

All normal trimming and edging will continue to be provided per our contract with SLS. In order to ensure the best use of our dues, we need to work together.