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SLS is developing a replacement schedule for plants.  They have been provided with a list of plants to be used in the front and along the patio short walls.  The balance of rear will be done at a later date.

The list was developed considering growth, resistance to Rabbits and insects, as well as water consumption. The selection of what is planted where has been delegated to SLS. We have emphasized to the landscape personnel NOT TO TAKE ANY INSTRUCTIONS FROM HOMEOWNERS. Aside from the fact that the Landscape owned by the HOA, doing so will slow the task at hand.

Over the next few weeks flags will be placed where planting will be done.  Not every plant or open area will be replaced. In many cases, the planting done by the builder, has become crowded and overgrown. Thinning out is required. Additionally, plants selected have a different growth profile and only 2 will be needed where there were 3.  DO NOT REMOVE OR CHANGE FLAG LOCATIONS. 

I again remind all that the Landscaping is HOA property. We appreciate all constructive input and will consider any that benefits the community as a whole. We are developing a procedure to manage and respond to requests. This will allow us to determine what requires immediate attention and what can be scheduled during next maintenance. Not issuing special work orders saves us money and enables us to better manage the budget.

Landscaping in the Community

Please Click Here for a note about landscaping in the community.

This was emailed to the community on October 4th, 2021 and summarizes what is and isn't covered by the landscapers for Pebblecreek Unit 55 Villas.
Election Committee

The PebbleCreek Board of Directors, is looking for members to volunteer to serve on the Election Committee.  This is a Committee that is appointed by the Board prior to the Annual Meeting.  The Election Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members who are in good standing , of which no more than (1) may be a current Director.  Gary Paff from the Board has been appointed the Committee Chairperson for the Election Committee. The purpose of the Election Committee is to submit to the Board a list of candidates for all Director vacancies to be filled.

If you are interested in joining the Election Committee please email me at or call me at 623-298-3320.  This is a Committee that must be formed promptly in preparation for the upcoming Annual meeting in November.  We need your assistance!